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 New hotspots: See them, Train them, Rate them, Post them.

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PostSubject: New hotspots: See them, Train them, Rate them, Post them.   Wed May 06, 2009 3:40 pm

As you're in a car driving down the road, perhaps you're using your imagination to see a person doing parkour/freerunning on the many things you see as the road goes on. You might see a particularly good looking spot.

The next time you see that grouse area, figure out where you saw it and go check it out. If it's worthy and not too far off the beaten track, post it here with your rating.

As a general "barline" I'm proposing that we say that an area such as the AFC would be rated at about 7/10, Uni 7, and (mod change to proper name, can't remember) The area next to the cafe next to the parks and stuff that is above a carpark 8/10. This should help.

A general template could be as follows:

Name of possible new hotspot
Address (approximate)
Pics (probably take 2-3 but adjust as spots can be large, like adelaide high)

Impressions: as it says, post your impressions of the new spot
Training possibilities: what you can and can't do here (example, you can't do a wallrun on the kong block at the uni, but you can do a palmspin) or perhaps that it might not be useful for newbies.

Viability: how hard it is to get to the new training area

score out of 10.

I'll do westlakes in a week or two when I have free time.
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New hotspots: See them, Train them, Rate them, Post them.
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