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 So, heres what I think

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PostSubject: So, heres what I think   Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:19 pm

I'm going to go ahead and preface this post with a big fat


so that I don't need to add it at the start of every sentence.

So I have a few things I want to say about this site. I'm going to cross post it here, on the APA site, and on the PKAUS site. I would prefer responses on PKAUS as I use that the most, but if you dont have an account for some reason, feel free to respond on whatever site you are on.

'This site' refers to the new one, www.adelaideparkour.co.cc

My main point: We could probably do with a SA specific site. This particular SA specific site is 45% pointless and 45% damaging in its current form.

'This site' was created behind closed doors, by someone not in SA, with no real grasp of what SA needs or wants. It is badly conceptualised, implemented and designed. I don't mean to cause offence to anyone involved, I just think they went about it the wrong way.
This posts contains mostly ideas from when Me and Matt started developing ideas for an SA site about a year ago (because we identified real problems, not because it sounded like a fun thing to try), and if anyone asked about what they should put in a new SA site, I would have told them all about this.

So, without further adieu;

When the APA (and site) was initially announced, I was excited. I then quickly became sceptical when they launched a forum with a whole bunch of generic 'Parkour discussion' sections, after saying that they were not intending to compete with PKAUS, and that the forum was going to be for discussion about the actual APA itself. They created a clear overlap and competition.

Heres the thread where I expressed that idea when it first occured: http://www.parkour.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?p=33590#33590

Fast forward to now, and we have 2 separate sites, with many overlapping sections and content. and a bunch of overlapping users. The APA does fill a niche, and so does PKAUS, but there is a big overlap in the middle.
What a waste of time and resources.

But worse than that, some people dont even know or use the information on the opposite site, for a range of reasons.
For example, it would appear that a bunch of people on the APA Adelaide section aren't even aware that we as a community exist mostly on PKAUS at the moment. As demonstrated by the thread announcing this new site.

e.g. author=AlbeyAmakiir
Quote :

Why do we need a separate forum? We have one here, although the lack of activity here doesn't seem promising for the new one. Having our own forum separates us from the rest of the Auzzie community. Also, anyone coming over from another state for a while will probably visit the Adelaide section here.

Being probably the one person in SA who has been training longest, and part of the community from the start - this gives me the shits. We built a community, and then these 2 separate websites serve to divide it up.

I do not want a third fucking version of the same shit. Two is too many already.

So here's my breakdown

(Sections refer to parts of the new site)
Sections that are straight out damaging to the community:
General Parkour discussion - seriously, no. not needed.
General Tricking discussion - Theres one of these on PKAUS already
Tricking Q+A - Theres one of these on PKAUS already

Sections that are a pointless waste of time:
New Members - Instead of one thread like traceur details on PKAUS, I now have to trawl individual threads for info. Make it one thread at least.

Sections that are useful:
Forum discussion
Media - we will probably want to post individual training videos and such here, things that don't need national attention
Random - Separates the crap that we have to deal with clogging up all the useful stuff
News - although not in its current form of just a forum section

Things this site should actually have, to solve actual problems:

Ok, so if we were to actually make a useful SA specific site, rather then a waste of energy and time, this is what I would have it be.
(remember, big fat IN MY OPINION)

SA Movement / SA Displacement (or other neutral title that encompasses FR, PK and Tricking - at minimum)

SA General Discussion
Training Times (stickied regular ones) - including Tricking, freerunning, and Parkour
Off Topic

Core website functionality:
(heres the actually useful stuff really)

=Calendar/other interactive method for hosting gatherings (jams and other).
Matt came up with an idea that used a form that was filled out, then it created a flash applet that presented the information, and allowed it to be updated, and automatically accept attendance (much like a facebook event encapsulated in a flash thing, which you would post in a thread).

=Tracuer Database (interactive and searchable - like a good version of the traceur details thread).

=Hotspot database - allows searching and adding. Icludes image gallery, info, and allows people to rank locations on several properties such as things to do, security, facilities, accessibility, etc. (ie, a good version of the hotspots thread).

=Media gallery (SA's best media - or all of it) - would be useful if press or companies come to the site wanting an story or performers etc.

Other criticism:
Shithouse forum software. And where the hell are my formatting buttons in this post thing?
Don't host on a free domain, those only bring trouble. raise money if you really have to to get a decent hosting plan (or ask Matt).

Please take this seriously, I really do. I hate to sound like a wanker but I have been around for longer than you (if you are from SA) - and I have seen this community grow and develop.. and degrade.. and recover again etc etc. I have some experience with these matters.

I am more than willing to put a fair bit of effort into making this idea a reality - so dont think I am just saying YOU should do what I want. I will do it myself, if I get some support. Me and Matt were going to make these things a year or so ago, but the community at the time didn't need (PKAUS was all we needed back then).

So I can see this site solving many problems, if done well. done wrongly and it can cause a crapload of damage to the community, read the posts from some experiences aussie traceurs in the APA thread announcement of this site

Again, I'm going to cross post this here, on the APA site, and on the PKAUS site. I would prefer responses on PKAUS as I use that the most, but if you dont have an account for some reason, feel free to respond on whatever site you are on.

Please go back up and read all of this if you are going to respond.
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Brooke Whatnall


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PostSubject: Re: So, heres what I think   Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:22 am

Thanks for that TJ, a lot of info there - you may or may not be aware of NFG's forum, urban mercury, well I have just been informed that we are able to have our own section there, much like PK-AUS, but it can also have sub forums, and chat, like this forum, but still be connected to the greater community, whos interested? - www.urbanmercury.comwww.urbanmercury.com

"What you lack in footware, you can make up for in determination!!!"

"Your only going to be as fast as your slowest technique"

http://www.sportsnap.com.au/parkour for all my PK shots
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PostSubject: Re: So, heres what I think   Sat May 02, 2009 4:34 pm

lol you always have to put everything into a HUGE sentence, hurts my brain. Tim made this site mostly cos he needed a reference for work. i cant remember if i suggested or he did about this site, but he made it anyway.
In my opinion we dont need forums at all.
Just something saying where, when and a phone number for anything else.
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PostSubject: Re: So, heres what I think   Sun May 03, 2009 6:01 am


ParkourSA works fine, this website works fine, i dont really mind the sea-change. However, this needs to be done properly, either everyone needs to use this or use ParkourSA, its really too tedious to have two forums working at one time. Im also taking this website with a pinch of salt, knowing that this was really just another experiment.

Here we go:

As has been stated now from a fair amount of people (example in TJ's post), we really really really dont need two forums, it just makes it more confusing and difficult, as well as make younger budding traceurs find us on the internet. Personally, i dont want to go to ParkourSA and find myself with a whole lot of blank threads, or threads saying "Go to Adelaideparkour noob". And it also makes ParkourSA like us less aswell Smile

@TJ's Main Point:

While TJ's comments may be ruthless and cutting, he does have an extremely sound arguement, of "Why do we need another forum containing the exact same stuff." i dont know what many people think of this site, but, living in the internet for so long, i have come to love the word Redundant. This word jumps into my head every time i visit this site. I mean, if it was for those (silly IMO) parkour groups (Pk13, the Brotherhood [which died long ago, probably only me and TJ remeber that]) then it might be ok to rally the group together, sort of like an 3rd party sub forum.

But this is not what this site is, this site is a website covered in bells and whistles. Underneath though it is just someones homebrew version of the ParkourSA Forum. It is not useful. It is Redundant.

For anyone that tl;dr = This website is Redundant, its trying to do the exact same thing.
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PostSubject: Re: So, heres what I think   Mon May 04, 2009 3:05 am

Jimmi, I completely agree.

Unlike Freemotion Tasmania, in which the forum has been beautifully designed by a skilled web designer and dedicated to the supporting of unifying the local scene and encouraging training, we just seem to have a forum that really seperates us from PKaus. Unless this is fixed quickly, I expect AdelaideParkour to die just as quickly as it came up.

In its current state, it serves absolutely no useful purpose. I would advise either removing the forum entirely, handing it over to TJ and Matt to severely fix it up, or picking up your game (that means you Kiwi) and really improving the ideals behind the site. No offense, but I don't see you as the ideal admin for the site, I would much rather see someone like TJ in the hotseat, but seeing as you are, it is your responsibility to fix this up.
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PostSubject: Re: So, heres what I think   Mon May 04, 2009 3:19 am

Also, note FMT's Training calender, 'community works' subforum, and expansive site improvement area.
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PostSubject: Re: So, heres what I think   

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So, heres what I think
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