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 20 Tricking tips

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PostSubject: 20 Tricking tips   Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:11 am

I've written down my first tutorial: 20 tips to teach yourself tricks. This tutorial is about leaning more effective methods for learning new tricks faster. This article is the first tutorial of many to come. Future tutorials will be about one trick in general and with videos.


20 Tips for teaching yourself tricks

1) Watch a lot of samplers!
Search one you like a lot and watch it! Not once or twice, but fifty times at least.
Sports are 80% mental, watching sports is good for your brain!
By just watching you will save information about how the person does his tricks. Yes this means you are improving in tricking while sitting on that chair!

2) Film yourself!
Make a video of you doing a trick and compare it with someone who does the trick perfect. You see differences? Try to find out what he’s doing different by comparing both videos in slow-mo.

3) Don’t try too hard.
If you keep failing at a trick, take a break! Take a step back and start working again from there. If you keep trying you will only make yourself despaired.

4) Experiment!
Some people just keep failing the same trick over and over without trying to change something in it. Experiment with your tricks! Try to do it on lots of different ways and eventually you will find the perfect method for doing the trick.

5) Perfect basics!
Make sure your basics are perfect before moving on. And with basics I also mean the gymnastic basics. Not only will those moves look better and cleaner when they’re perfect, you also will be able to learn new things faster. I know people who try doing back flips while their cartwheel still looks crappy, or people who can do a lot of hard tricks but can’t extend their legs which results in looking crappy.

6) Music!
Nothing better for getting the serious adrenaline boost you need to be able to land the trick you’re trying. Also makes your training much more fun and less boring.

7) Friends!
What would tricking be without your training friends? Nothing! You can motivate each other. You can learn from each other. You can have lots of fun together!

Cool The tricking community (TT).
Ask other people what they think about your tricks. A lot of people probably will have way more experience in tricking and will be glad to help you out when you have questions. It’s also the perfect way to stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the wonderful world of tricking!

9) Blocking is so important!
Blocking is transferring your horizontal speed into vertical height. This is so important in tricking. You need to go up and not far!

10) Learn your new trick slowly in more steps.
When learning a new trick, divide it into a couple steps. First lean the takeoff/run-up before trying to do the trick itself. A powerful and clean takeoff/run-up will get you more speed and height. Then start doing the trick, but do it slowly (sometimes in slow-mo) step by step. Only move on to the next step when you can do the previous one perfect. That way by the time you’ve done all the steps you only need to put them all together.
This way you’ll avoid brainlessly doing a trick 100 times without even improving it.

11) Muscle control and orientation.
In order to even get any height and speed your tricks, you will need muscles. You will not only need very strong muscles, you will also need to ability to control them perfectly.
Then we have orientation. The ability to know exactly where you are at each moment. On the ground or in the air. This is extremely important in every artistic sport.
Both of these things are hard to train. The only way to improve those skills is by training a lot and by starting young.

12) You need to explode at the takeoff!
So many people do their tricks without putting any power and energy in it. You need to EXPLODE when you takeoff. Tricking is a sport where you have to use all your energy at once to do the most impossible thing.

13) Hard tricks can often be separated into 2 easy tricks.
Example: when I’m going to do a hyperhook, I don’t see it as a hyperhook but as a btwist followed by a hook kick without hitting the floor with my left leg.
This way of thinking helps a lot mentally!
It also makes it easier to learn the trick in a few steps
Example for hyperhook:
Start with doing a btwist, once you landed turn really fast and do a hook kick.
Do this faster and faster until you got the technique. Then do it without landing in between the two tricks.

14) Mentally.
You can get a lot higher when you think you need to jump over something!
Example: When doing a double leg my height is 1 meter above the floor.
When there is an object in the way where I need to do a double leg over which is 1.5 meters, it’s not going to be a problem at all. You think you need to go way higher, and you will!
Now when the object is out of the way and I do my double leg again, it’s going to be 1 meter above the ground again.
Now the trick is to think there is an object even when there is none. Try it, it works.

15) Your rotation point.
When doing a trick with horizontal rotation (gainer) your rotation point will be in the middle of your body. To get higher, you need to mentally place that rotation point higher.
When I do a gainer, I think my shoulders are stuck on the height they are and the rest of my body needs to turn around that point.
This is not an easy thing to do. It requires a good blocking technique and a very hard swing to get your body that high.

16) Doing tricks onto higher objects.
Once you can do a trick clean but still want to improve your height, start doing it onto higher objects. Place a few mats and try landing the trick on it. Once you can do it clean on that height, add a few more mats. Repeat until you find the height where it’s hard to land on and keep training at that height. When you do the trick again on the normal floor you should feel the difference.

17) Goals
Setting goals for yourself, writing down what will be the next tricks you’re going to focus yourself on. This will prevent that there is a moment in gym when you don’t know what to do. The feeling of success of achieving your goals will be much greater as well. Try not to add dates when you want to be able to do the trick. It can be useful to put more pressure on yourself so you learn the trick faster. But when you don’t make it you will be disappointed, you will need to change the date and you might even drop the trick and move one with something else.

18) Kicking
Many trickers don’t have any experience in any martial arts style. This means their kicks often look crappy and powerless. Some very basic tips about kicking:
You want to hit someone, please look at the point where you would hit the person.
Don’t look to the ground or next to you. No, look in front of you to the place where you kick!
The leg you kick with needs to be extended!

19) Getting height
The higher your upper body is at the takeoff, the higher you will do the trick.
Example1: Throwing you upper body all the way down in an aerial. Your face is 10cm away from the floor. How do you expect to land that?
Keep your upper body up, the rest of your body needs to spin at that height.

Example2: At the takeoff of a double leg your upper body already is 90° down.
How do you expect to get up?
You should be standing straight at the takeoff and let your legs come up, not let your upper body go down.

20) Tutorials and tips won’t be enough to teach you how to trick. Practice will. Go try, experiment, succeed. Go trick.
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PostSubject: Re: 20 Tricking tips   Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:29 am

I just want to say thank you for all the work you have put into this tricking section

im sure it will help alot of people because i know that it has helped me

cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
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Location : Lower mitcham

PostSubject: Re: 20 Tricking tips   Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:57 pm

That's ok man thanks heaps I still have more post but I need more time
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PostSubject: Re: 20 Tricking tips   

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20 Tricking tips
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