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 Read this before you post

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PostSubject: Read this before you post   Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:12 pm

Hi trickers!

This subforum has the potential to be a tricking bible for everyone who needs to find some advice, in time we will build it into this together but in order to maximise its potential we should all do what we can in submitting good material and endeavoring to label our threads correctly. So without further ado...

Post a new topic if you are...

#1) Looking for advice on YOUR particular trick
#2) Requesting a tutorial or guide on anything to do with tricking
#3) Willing to writeup a decent sized guide or provide a video tutorial for something to do with tricking. If you use a tutorial that you didn't write, please make sure to reference the author and original location you got it from.

What do I mean by anything to do with tricking?
# Videos/guides to specific tricks
# Progression guides for tricks
# Motivational guides for tricks
# Nutritional guide for tricks

Motivational does not include you posting a video of your first backsault and saying... heres motivation for you! If you want to do that find a backsault tutorial and post a reply with your video in it stating your success.

Label your threads correctly, here are some typical titles for the above posts:

#1: "Standing Backsault help" If you have a video "Standing Backsault Help (Video inside)"
#2: If you want something always preceed it with 'Request: ' for example "Request: Backsault Tutorial"
#3: "Video Tutorial: Standing Backsault" or "Guide: Standing backsault"

Thread Organisation:

If too many of one particular tutorial come out then you may want to create a master thread, this is ok as long as its not too messy. Stickying will occur on most good video tutorials and guides, if it becomes too much it may be required for NFG to create a new sub-forum specifically for tutorials/guides.

This goes without saying, there is a search button!

Anything i've missed Smile?
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Read this before you post
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