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 How to get over backsaults/backflips

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PostSubject: How to get over backsaults/backflips   Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:54 am

The main question that I get is how to get over the fear of a backflip? This is a great post that I found on TrickTurorial's what works rather well.

If you have yet to try it, think about it, yeah... you feel that, that cold rush of adrenaline running down your spine and into your legs, that jittery feeling in your stomach. The one that immediately brings your mood down.

Well here's the bad news, that feeling can hold you back from much more than a back tuck. It can impede you in nearly every aspect of life.

Here's the good news, that feeling has been with mankind for age's, and as a result, smart people have developed ways to cope with this fear.

Now the most obvious cry (which is popular everywhere in the world) is of course "JUST FUCKING DO IT YOU MORON!!"

Now that’s easy to say, and I've said it as well. Unfortunately the problem lies within "doing it". So the above phrase holds only a certain amount of validity, that is the more you do something, the more accustomed you become, that’s a "behaviourist" approach to curing fear an anxiety.

I believe its flood therapy? (Maybe someone can give confirmation on that name?) And it's still in use today.

It works, and it's simple,

1. Watch tutorials.
2. Get a spotter.
3. Get a matt
4. Try a back tuck.

Fortunately for those who find the jump between stage 3 and stage 4 a little hard to bare, there are other ways.

I'll list them off, and if their are any other options which people can think of, just shout them out and I'll edit them in. (giving credit to you obviously)


Watch a tutorial, now imagine yourself doing it, IN THE EXACT LOCATION, of the tutorial, and imagine watching yourself in that persons place. Now imagine doing the back tuck, but see it through your own eyes.

Repeat that, imagine seeing yourself at the place you train, doing a back tuck, then at the place you train doing a back tuck, through your own eye’s. You can do this with your eyes closed at first, then have your eye’s open and just think about it.

Every time you think of trying the back tuck, just condition your mind let it feel as though it HAS ALREADY done a back tuck, do it EVERYTIME and you’ll find the fear gets smaller and smaller.


This is a fairly simple process in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Inform yourself that you are not anxious or worried, you are EXCITED. The more you do this, the stronger that feeling of anxiety becomes. Tell yourself that you are excited. At heart the feelings of anxiety/fear and excitement are very close, and your brain can easily be made to think that it is excited WHICH IS A MUCH MORE POSITIVE EMOTION THAN FEAR.

Not counting two days ago I haven’t tricked in what must nearly be 9-10-11 months (and when I did it, it was inconsistent and shitty anyway) I did so a coupe of days ago. I was so nervous and worried about forgetting shit, I was nervous doing B twists and back tucks, I just re-affirmed myself that I was excited (I skill that I have learnt over the past month or so) and within a minute I was really looking forward to trying my hand at a sport I hadn’t practise in nearly a year.

Admittedly without practise it may take a while before the emotion is fully “converted” but I can vouch for this method.


If you are going to tell yourself before you practise, “Man I’m going OWN that back tuck, I’ll land it perfectly first time no problem no problem”

You will probably fail.
You may be trying to boost your confidence and get yourself to commit, but your consciousness is not an idiot.

Think of it, if you said to your dad. “

“DAD I’m going outside and I’m going to do a back tuck perfectly!”

“Well son have you even tried it before?”

“No but I’m sure I can land it perfectly”

“Son, are you ok, do we need to take you to the doctor again?”

Your brain will probably respond in the same way. “I’m going to do this perfectly” “No your not, your probably going to fail”

Instead of setting a ridiculously high bar, say something reasonable, like,

“I’m going to try this, I am unsure of whether it will work I’m probably going to crash land it, but I’ll be ok I can survive it…”

Your brains response will probably be…

“It’s risky but I reckon that theory is probably right”

Ok if you guys have anyother idea's on coping with back tuck fear rather than the usual "just do it" method, post them up.
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How to get over backsaults/backflips
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