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 Where to start tricking? (Guide to)

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PostSubject: Where to start tricking? (Guide to)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:35 am

A lot of people ask, "what are the first tricks that I should learn?"

This site has a few "basic tricks" that they say people should learn. There are also other tricks found on that site such as the B-Kick, which is supposed to be learnt before the B-Twist. You can start with those basics, or you could start at:
www.club540.com they have a tricktoriary in which tricks are ranked. The easy ones are class A tricks you could start with them
how ever i found that i used:

backflip (tricking terms)
B twist
540 kick
360 kick
frount flip
double leg
cheat gainer

this are the first few tricks that i think lead into other tricks
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Where to start tricking? (Guide to)
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