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 Turn Vault/Demi Tour Technique

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Brooke Whatnall


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PostSubject: Turn Vault/Demi Tour Technique   Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:54 am

translated from french.

Table of contents
1. Definition
2. Video
3. Technique
4. Tips

The demi tour can be defined like this : it's the best way to be in a hanged position on the other side of a barrier or a small wall in only one movement.

internet/english term : turn vault

You can find a tutorial in english in the great pkvm n°1 that you can find at : www.pkvm.co.uk

  • Start by putting your hands in an inverted position on the bar. It means one hand facing up and one hand down. Try both side to see on which you are the best.

  • Jump according to the obstacle : higher if the wall is "sliding" on the other side for having enough time to control. Use at the same time the arms' power to control the movement and make the body turn. Most of the time, try to keep the body above the arms : if you throw your body too far away behind the bar, the arms will have to give much more power to amortize at the end of the movement (arms will certainly be already extended and will not help to absorb the speed).

  • Watch where you put your feet and try to absorb speed as much as possible using a smooth and flexible leg movement. Most of the time, feet must not slide down.

  • There is no "ultimate" technique, it's up to everyone to make their own one (techniques are different between traceurs).

  • You can avoid using two-foot jumps and jump split foot for better speed, but it requires also more technique and more control.

  • Try not to forget to work on both sides : when you arrive in front of the wall, you have the choice, but if you arrive from a diagonal on the obstacle, you will certainly have to deal with your "wrong side".

This info is from parkour.net, and is amazingly helpful in nailing the turn vault, or demi tour

"What you lack in footware, you can make up for in determination!!!"

"Your only going to be as fast as your slowest technique"

http://www.sportsnap.com.au/parkour for all my PK shots

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PostSubject: Re: Turn Vault/Demi Tour Technique   Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:39 am

I find the most important thing in a turn vault is make sure you go over one leg at a time. That way your not throwing all of your weight over in one go, which is way too uncontrolled especially at heights and such.
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Turn Vault/Demi Tour Technique
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