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 Kiwi Youtube Thread

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Brooke Whatnall


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PostSubject: Kiwi Youtube Thread   Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:45 am

Hi guys,
There are a few of us in and around Adelaide who have made more than one video based on parkour/freerunning, and have our own youtube channel going. Why not get your youtube channel into a thread. Simply embed your parkour based video's into a thread, and flick me a PM for a sticky request, to have all your videos in one thread at the top of the page. I will start it off in reverse date order.

My Youtube Channel Page

I have the video out now from the trip a couple of weeks ago to morialta park. It was just TJ, Charlie and me, but it was an awesome trip, and well reccomended.

Few random parkour clips that I put together

Failed Promo of Adelaide Parkour, only showing AFC

Precision, almost died, shows why it pays to check your environment

NEW SUMMERS JAM - Video showing scene at end of 08

Me conquering an underbar at my home

Parkour training frame that I built, training on it

My very embarrasing sampler from the beginning of last year, need another one, any volunteers?

Footage from a jam early last year

Second take on a Parkour SA sampler

1st take on a parkour SA Sampler

The Pioneers of the Parkour SA Crew, few of us are still around, a good history lesson on bad technique

A bit of phone footage from my first jam back in 07

"What you lack in footware, you can make up for in determination!!!"

"Your only going to be as fast as your slowest technique"

http://www.sportsnap.com.au/parkour for all my PK shots
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Kiwi Youtube Thread
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